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Frequently Asked Questions

Keeping You Informed

How can I get a copy of a police report?

Police Records Requests can be emailed to There is no fee for emailed copies of police reports.

Where is the closest station located?

We have only one police station located in the Center of Snowflake at 602 S Main Street, Snowflake AZ.

How can I report a crime?

To report a crime you can come to the office, or call 928-536-7500 to reach our dispatch center. From there a dispatcher will take your information and an officer will be sent to you requested location. For emergency assistance, please call 911.

How do I retrieve my property?

You can call our dispatch center at 928-536-7500 and ask to speak with the Property and Evidence Technician to schedule an appointment Monday - Thursday 9am to 5pm to retrieve any property that may be stored at the police department.

How do I request and vehicle impound hearing?

To schedule a date and time to request a vehicle impound hearing you can call us at 928-536-7500 and ask to speak with the impound hearing official. Hearing requests must be completed by the registered owner of the vehicle within ten days of the date of impound. Items needed before scheduling a date and time for the hearing include:

1. A completed hearing request form. This form would have been given to the owner of the vehicle by the officer at the time the vehicle was impounded or mailed if the owner was not on scene.

2. A valid driver's license

3. Proof of vehicle registration and ownership.

4. A money order made out to the Snowflake-Taylor Police Department in the amount of $150 or cash in the amount of $150.

I think I have been scammed online, who do I call?

If you believe you are the victim of a scam, and you have reason to think the suspect lives in the Snowflake or Taylor area, you can contact us at 928-536-7500 and report the scam to an officer.

If you believe the suspect is from a foreign country or does not reside in Snowflake or Taylor, you can go to the FBI's website located here to report the scam online.

I think my dog may have been picked up by animal control, how do I get it back?

Please contact us at 928-536-7500 and ask to speak with our animal control officer. He will be able to assist you in determining if we picked up your four legged friend or if another agency may have and how you can retrieve them.

How do I register my dog with the Town?

To properly register your dog with our departments animal control division, you must first be able to provide the animal control officer with an up to date proof of rabies vaccination. Once you have the proof of vaccination, you can come to the police department Monday - Thursday from 8am to 5pm and purchase a town tag. The cost of a town tag is as follows:

Spayed or Neutered Dog Tag - $5.00

Non Spayed or Neutered Dog Tag - $10.00

Duplicate Dog Tag - $5.00

My dog was impounded by Animal Control, how much will it cost to get them out?

The cost to retrieve an animal that has been impounded by our Animal Control Division is as follows for properly registered and tagged animals:

1st Impound - $50.00

2nd Impound - $100.00

3rd Impound - $200.00

4th Impound - $400.00

All impound fees, including tag fees if needed, are required to be paid in full before the release of the impounded animal.

My dog is sick or may have bitten someone, what can I do?

The Police Department offers three services to dog owners in the event of emergency or situations in which the care of the animal is no longer available.

Quarantine (the animal is kept secure for up to 10 days to monitor for illnesses such as rabies) - $50.00

Surrender (the animal may be surrendered to animal control for adoption or euthanasia) - $40.00

Euthanasia (the animal is surrendered and the owner request the animal to be euthanized) - $75.00

For more info on these services, you may contact us at 928-536-7500 and ask for our Animal Control Officer.

I received a ticket, where do I go to pay it or otherwise take care of it?

All tickets (citations) received within Snowflake or Taylor are referred to the Snowflake Justice Court located at 145 S Main Street, Suite D in Snowflake AZ. To speak with a court official regarding your ticket, they can be reached at 928-536-4141.

How do I get a burn permit?

Burn permits are issued by the Taylor-Snowflake Fire Department. You can find all the information located on their website

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